A treasure hunt that is played on Facebook Messenger!
Simply send us a location then you'll capture a fish with incentives!

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What is LocalCatch?

LocalCatch is a location-based fishing game that gives you surprises! Each fish you capture carries a message with incentives. It takes only one step to play - send us a location on facebook messenger and catch a fish in your area!

What are the incentives?

Each fish carries a message with incentives:
• Cash rewards
• Coupons
• Gift Certificates
• Funny Jokes
• Inspiring Quotes
• Fun Facts and more!

What Do I need to play this game?

LocalCatch runs on any device with Facebook Messenger. LocalCatch is like a friend you can message on facebook messenger in the chat window. You can tap the button below to start.

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Is this free?

The game is completely free to play and there is no in-game purchase. Some fishes, on the other hand, may carry some coupons or promotion messages from our sponsors. We do accept donations - in return, you can name a fish, spread a message of your own, or even have your own customized fish.

Customize my own fish?

1) Donate $5 to name your own fish and decide the quantity (up to 1000) and the active area.
2) Donate $20 to name your own fish, quantity (up to 10000), active area, fish description and carry a message.

Contact us at [email protected] for more options and business packages.

Quick tips of the game

You can always type “HELP” as a command in the game and see a list of commands for extra gameplay control!

Visit our Facebook page to check out latest news and prizes: facebook.com/localcatchclub